Lisa T Bergren, you have written a story that I couldn’t put down, that stayed in my head for weeks afterwards, and made me desperate for the sequel (I pushed ‘place order’ on Book Depository within minutes of finishing Waterfall).

The premise itself was enough to get me excited – an ordinary teenager is sent back to 14th century  Italy, gets caught in the battle between Siena and Florence and finds herself falling in love with a Lord who is betrothed to someone else.

Many Young Adult novels these days focus on the paranormal, fantasy worlds, creatures and boyfriends, and it’s been a while since I’ve encountered straight time travel. The Guardians of Time trilogy is one of my favourite YA series, and this felt like the non-magic, non-fantasy version of that – which is great!

Gabriella’s accidental journey into the past takes a very different turn to her sisters, Evangelia. Her reaction to finding herself surrounded by soldiers and castles? Try to blend in at all costs! I’d love to think that I’d have the courage and foresight to do the same (next time I happen across a time vortex in an Etruscan tomb). Having always felt like she didn’t quite fit in in the 21st Century, Gabi has the enviable chance of starting over – and yet still encounters the bitchy “queen-bee” along with the whole Paratore house out to kill her and her new Italian friends. Oh, and Marcello? A crush-worthy leading man, the likes of which I haven’t dreamed of for a long time!

Bergren’s realistic approach to what life might have been like in the 14th Century is what really makes this book incredible. There is an attention to detail that brings life to Gabi, Lia, Marcello and Luca that is so often missing in YA novels. With an ending that will have you grasping for the sequel (which I just started reading!), Waterfall is a book that just has to be read – there’s really nothing else to say!


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