I originally picked up the anthology because Maria V Snyder is a contributor. I am yet to read anything of hers that I have not loved.

Reflectively, I realised that I have not had much experience reading short stories – and I found that they frustrate me greatly. Although I adore a good romance, I have a great deal of respect for those which are established realistically (and realism is relative to the context of the story), I discovered that the lack of background and setting to these stories made their romances more difficult for me to relate to.

That aside, some of the stories were beautifully written, with original ideas. Many of the 24 stories made for a great read – but for every one that captured my interest, there was one that didn’t. Perhaps it was based on personal fantastical preferences, but there were quite a few that I felt had no sense of reality, which regardless of the genre needs to be established. That isn’t to say that these stories wouldn’t benefit from an extra hundred pages or so of build up, but they just didn’t work in the format of this collection.

Overall, it was a easy read. Enjoyable for the most past – if only because I was laughing at the many ways in which two people could manage to fall hopelessly in love with each other in less than 50 pages.