In My Skin was originally recommended to me through a literature class I’m taking at uni. I’m glad I knew nothing about it before beginning. I recently tried to read Intimate Adventures of a London Call Girl, by Belle de Jour after falling in love with the TV series starting Billie Piper. Unfortunately I found that although her anecdotes were interesting, there was not enough of a storyline to snag my attention!

Yet it’s safe to say that Kate Holden’s memoir is as similar to Belle de Jour’s as Lord of the Rings is to Twilight. Holden has an incredibly eloquent and graceful way of conveying a story which is miles away from anything beautiful. She describes her journey from quiet introvert and nervous lover to a heroin addict and prostitute with just the right balance of in-the-moment emotions and reflective sorrow. The correct use of explicit language to convey the seriousness of her situation never feels erotic or suggestive (as London Call Girl often felt).

There isn’t much to say about this memoir other than – I couldn’t put it down. I spent the entire novel on the edge of my seat, aching to know if Kate was going to turn out okay (even though she must have if she lived to tell the tale…).